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Erin and John

I've just been informed by my wife that I'm never to write anything bad about Erin and John on my blog, because "they know where it is now." I can say one nice thing, though: they have a home theater setup with a projector, little theater type seats, a popcorn maker, and a bar. I hope to have a similar room some day.

One Response to "Erin and John"

  1. I hope to have something like that some day myself. The wife thinks I'm nuts. 🙂

    We used to have something kind of like that, when we used one of our bedrooms as an entertainment room. It's a nice sized (11x13) rectangular room that we had arranged with the TV on one of the small walls, with a futon on the other side. We only had Dolby Pro Logic at the time, but it was fun enough.

    I'd like to really do it up right in a future house - no windows, theatre seating and lighting, projector, digital surround, etc. There's a local installer who installs rooms like this that cost more than twice my HOUSE!