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MovableType 3.2

Does anyone care that MovableType is going to, presumably in about 29 more days or so, be at version 3.2? They're counting down the days (again, presumably) over here, and some of the features look nice.

Just this past weekend I was once again burned by what I would consider a massive bug. I deleted four categories that had about 100 articles, in total, assigned. I looked at the Entries list and tried to display only the entries without any categories assigned to them. Not possible.

Instead, I had to go through and find every one of the 100 articles, re-assign them, and rebuild them. One at a time. Heaven forbid I be asked to re-assign entries when deleting a category.

Here's to hoping that MovableType 3.2 does some nice things. The spam features may - or may not - put MT-Blacklist and SpamLookup in the dustbin. I'll try 3.2 here on NSLog(); before I try it on The Sand Trap - that's for sure.

P.S. I hope ecto support for MovableType 3.2 is either present already or coming very soon.

10 Responses to "MovableType 3.2"

  1. BTW, TypeKey logging me in for two weeks at a time is nice. Not a MovableType 3.2 feature, but at least something we can appreciate.

  2. So far I don't see anything too terribly exciting in MT 3.2, but they haven't announced too much yet. I bet they're saving the best new features for later..

    But the TypeKey option is great. TypeKey has always been too annoying to use before but with the two week option it is finally usable.

  3. Have you tried WordPress?

  4. I stopped caring about MT when I switched to WordPress.

  5. Further comments about some other darn blogging package will be removed. I don't care what software you use, so please keep it to yourself for at least one darn post. I don't need little WordPress trolls throwing feces in the cage, ok? 😛

  6. I'm hoping the administrator view works out to be something useful. I'm currently managing over a dozen blogs, out of my MovableType installation, for friends and family, so being able to make site wide changes would be very nice.

    I'd really like to see type key support pass the users Blog URL. I'd rather see that than their email address.

  7. In 3.2, dynamic publishing with an SQLite database is supposed to be possible. I'd like to try it.

  8. A nice mysql database statement or two would have solved you problem....hmm, maybe a nice little plugin or add-on for MT?

  9. I made the move from WordPress to MT back in January. Read into that what you wish.

    In that case I was running a modified install of b2 for some time (the predecessor of WordPress for those who don't know), and it was quite some time before I made that upgrade.

    The features would have to be major in order to motivate me to upgrade immediately... I only just upgraded from 3.14 to 3.17 yesterday.

    Strangely in direct contrast to my OS upgrades, I was running Tiger from the day I got hold of (through ADC) a beta copy...

  10. Have you tried Movable Type? It cured my hangnail and a series of mischevious rashes cleared up when I started running the beta version of 3.2.