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QotD: Home Improvement

Question: What's the largest home improvement project you've ever undergone?

My Answer: I installed a shower door. Was pretty easy, though I needed to buy a hacksaw and a 32-tooth blade to saw the bottom rail. The only real mistake we made was putting in one of the rails (the rail that holds the separate magnet rail) backwards. That resulted in an extra hole, but as it's behind that same rail, I don't imagine it matters.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Home Improvement"

  1. I ripped up all the floors to their original hard wood, refinished all the floors, fixed a giant hole, stained and varnished the floors. Painted all the kitchen cabinets, replaced the shower and built a window seat.

  2. I had my patio enclosed. It was originally a screened in patio & the screen was always ripping so I had to keep the sliding doors closed so flies wouldn't get in and my cats wouldn't get out. They took out the screen & replaced it with plexiglass with metal panels and a metal door.

    After that I had the patio tiled and I removed the carpet in my dining room and replaced it with tile to match the patio tile.

    My other big project was converting a spare bedroom to an office. I had a built-in desk and cabinets installed.

    I'll probably work on my kitchen next. I'd like to replace the ugly plastic ceiling panels & fluorescent lights with a domed ceiling and get new appliances.

  3. In terms of actual size... a retaining wall. I used several tons of stone blocks to raise and level two sides and a corner of my house in Gainesville. It made a planter over two feet wide that was pretty high up off the ground -- about waist high. It was a big project and took me several months to complete. It cost about $1,000 for the blocks, the tools, the levels and leveling sand, renting that pickup you can rent from Home Depot, and all the fill dirt we needed at the end.