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QotD: Independence Day

Question: How do you celebrate your Independence Day?

My Answer: Carey and I are having both families over for a cookout (hamburger, hot dog). Calling it a dry run for our reception/housewarming/party would be overdoing it, as it's much smaller, but it sure beats just hanging around and doing nothing, which is what I normally do. I'm not much into fireworks, so it's unlikely we'll even go to see any later.

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One Response to "QotD: Independence Day"

  1. I am not much into fireworks, but even at small gatherings, it sometimes adds a spark to the festivities; I wouldn't buy them for my own entertainment, but if one person bothers, the others usually enjoy them to some degree. Especially the kids, if they are around.

    If you have shopped for fireworks at all lately, it is amazing what 20 to fifty dollars will NOT buy. What a markup! It can be expensive.