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Erie: It’s Not for the Dogs

How in the hell a dog park that's not even open yet can be voted "Best of Erie" is beyond me. Then again, perhaps the fact that it's Erie is all I need to know.

About a mile from my house sits a fairly newly erected Erie Humane Society. It was voted, two months ago, as "Best of Erie" for its public dog park. The dog park remains closed to the public.

I called today and was told "try calling back at the end of the month, we might be open then." I asked what could ever be the problem, and was told that they were having some problems with "security." Specifically, the gates.

I asked them if I could volunteer some time, because I'm close, to help them get up to speed. She laughed and hung up the phone. Doesn't the humane society rely heavily on volunteers? What the heck?

Friggin' Erie, I tell ya. I like it for a lot of reasons, but voting something "Best of Erie" when it's not even open is typical Erie, too.

11 Responses to "Erie: It’s Not for the Dogs"

  1. Obvious pun alert: how eerie.

    ba dum TSH

  2. Do you think it possible that a mass of voters could be exhibiting tongue in cheek sarcasm?

    Let's look at it this way... how many dog parks does Erie have?

    How many dog parks in Erie are closed? If some one said Dog Park, I would think they were asking where the dog track was. You know, Greyhound racing.

    I have lived in cities, with parks that allow dogs. We call them 'parks'.

    Perhaps the question in the newspaper survey meant "parks good for dogs", rather than 'dog parks'. The best park for our dogs had a pond, they were welcome to swim, and a lot of dogs fetching frisbee and checking out other dogs. Leashes and poop pick up seemed optional, but loose dogs and poop were never a problem.

    People vote without knowing all the time.

  3. This is off-topic, but I wanted to point out that has a login for some erie paper. 🙂

  4. That "Best of Erie" stuff is such a scam. It's run by the local, monopoly newspaper who I'm sure give preference to advertisers. So lame. I've never seen any voting for it.

  5. The dog park I mentioned back here is still not open. It really makes me re-consider doing this....

  6. Hi Erik,

    We have been watching your blog about Dog Parks in Erie. Not too many people have posted so makes us curious if we would be able to determine public participation and need. We have done our research and consultations with other dog park owners and are preparing to establish a dog park in Erie County but it's not easy. Coming up with the finances, the "right" piece of property and now have been told we have to have a site development plan(which our attorney told us could up to 6 months)is taking some time and unexpected monies. We have also tried to determine location and ownership of the canine community, but some of our contacts are not very supportive. We are very excited about this venture. We believe it will be a welcomed asset to the community and just wanted to let you know we're working on it!

  7. I'm moving to Erie Pa from Atlanta and I am trying to find a dog park to take my poochie to but I'm finding out that there are no dog parks in Erie! This things are sprouting up everywhere in Atlanta! My town alone has built 2 w/in the last 2yrs and are planning on opening up another one but the end of this yr. What's the deal?! I don't understand how Atlanta manages tax payer's money more efficiently than NY or, apparently, Pa. I haven't moved to Erie Pa yet but if I find a neighborhood that is close to a dog park, that's where I'm moving!!!

  8. Check out Howlabaloo Dog Park in Edinboro PA!

  9. I, too, am in desperate need of a dog park in Erie! I lived in Sacramento several years ago when i had a different dog (that my mom stole from me) and he LOVED going to the dog parks there. I recently adopted a 1 1/2 year old boxer mix who seems to have more energy than I can get out of him playing fetch in my 20'x30' back yard. I looked into the Howlabaloo dog park - which looks beautiful - but I don't want to spend nearly $300 to take my dog to play. The parks that i have visited before were all free... Anyway, I fully support the establishment of a local dog park in Erie! Even just 1-3 acres with a 6' chain link fence around it. Add a couple of garbage cans for poop disposal and there we have it!

  10. Well...we moved here from Atlanta...we had so much trouble finding an apartment that was pet-friendly. After dealing with it, my babies wanna go and play out and about....but we got to drive like 30 mins to get them to play? Erie is so not pet-friendly...that's rather unfortunate !

  11. Quite frankly I hate this city. I have had nothing but a horrible experience since I moved here six months ago. The pain of finding an over priced apartment that is filthy and has so called "24" maintenance that never shows up. Thanks Palermo.
    On top of all that has happened to us since living here, really? We can't even take our dog out to play? He is a border collie mix, he has energy and any sort of city I have ever heard of has a dog park. All we can do is walk him around the streets that have reported shootings on them every day, and watch people run in terror of our dog because he is wearing a gentle leader and they think it's a muzzle.
    As for the human society here? What a joke. I tried adopting from them and they turned me down because I live in an apartment, even with dog training experience-there to adopt a dog to do agility with- I was denied. Denied. A shelter that kills animals that are adopted in time denied me adopting.
    Messed up city, that's for sure.
    I can't wait to leave this place, and our dog can't either.