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QotD: Kids

Question: How many kids do you want?

My Answer: I'm plenty happy with the 1½ that I have now. Flint can be left alone for a few hours at a time, thus accounting for the ½, and I can't imagine a better kid than Little One. Though she's not my own, I'm married to her mother and am her "step-dad" regardless of the genetics. Besides, what's so horribly wrong with spoiling a kid? 😀

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7 Responses to "QotD: Kids"

  1. I just want one boy. The name dies with me and I'd rather it didn't. (My father had one son; his father had one son; his father had one son... it probably continues, but that's as far as I know for sure.)

  2. 12. That way, I could finally make that self-sufficient power treadmill thingy I've dreamt of for years.

  3. My one little girl is more then enough. I love her to death, but I'm done after her.

  4. I'll go for 37. But just because my wife reads these comments too and should get a nice scare.

  5. I have three spectacular daughters. I don't want any more kids, tho.

    I'm happy with what I have.

    BTW, on the topic of "Father", a "Dad" is the guy who raises you, teaches you, is there for you, and puts your needs before his own.

    You're Little Bug's father. You'll be there for kindergarten graduation, dance recitals, piano lessons, skinned knees, help with homework, and everything else.

    Since she is your daughter, I'd ease off on the spoiling. Don't be your child's friend, be her father.

    Them's mah "dos centavos".

  6. More than three, but not a dozen or more. I'm not really sure beyond that.

  7. Yes, Heinrich, I know that I'm her "father" in a way, and that she's my "daughter" in a way, but with the real father freaking out already about his "being replaced," I watch what I say about things.

    And by spoiling her I meant with attention - being at all of her games or plays or graduations and not having to split time between two kids. It's something Carey and I can both do. I didn't need the lecture, but thanks.