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Sunday Paper Writeup

It turns out I was written up in the Sunday paper for something. In the business section. Something I have been hoping to announce for the past few weeks, and something I continue to hope to announce soon. But those who live in Erie, PA, already know what that thing is. You can register for free to figure out what it is, but I haven't even done so - I don't trust the local paper with my information or email address, and it's really nothing worth reading anyway.

For me, well, it was a nice little writeup, even with the one quote taken out of context. I was quoted as being the "Mac guy in Pennsylvania" (as if I was the only one). While I am one, the full quote was that I am "just a Mac guy in Erie, PA - not the most technologically advanced town in the country." Or something like that…

Some other small factual mistakes were made, like the spelling of PulpFiction (it had a space in it). I've got a quibble or two about the fact that PulpFiction was described as being an "Internet-based program" (it's a desktop app that uses the Internet), but I appreciate the fact that what is a quibble to a geek makes no difference to a normal person. I also appreciate the issue of "column length."

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  1. For those who haven't figured it out by now, I've sold Freshly Squeezed Software to Don Yacktman and Gary Longsine of illumineX. The sale actually occurred two months ago, but this week the domain names (and thus the web site...