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QotD: Bush So Far

Question: How has President Bush performed in his second term relative to your expectations of him? In other words, I don't want to hear anything about John Kerry - only about how Bush has performed relative to how you thought he would once you knew he had been re-elected.

My Answer: He's performed about as well as I could have imagined. If I had to vote again, I'd make the same choice.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Bush So Far"

  1. I expected he would screw things up even worse, now that he has some mandate to brazenly screw things up. So, yes, he has met my expectations.

    John Kerry is a knucklehead. Since I would have voted for ANY idiot instead of Bush, the Democrats accomodated me by running an idiot. Yippee.

    I live in New York, and it went to Kerry/NOT Bush.

    I worry about the next election. Who will run? Another Bush? SatanCheney?Teflon Tom DeLay?

    And who will Democrats run? Oh please oh please oh please do not say Hillary, my life is tough enough. If she runs, I'm going to see if I can re-instate my German Citizenship. It would be unbearable to watch.

    The Neo-cons will have field day.

    Sorry if I extended the QoD too far....

  2. He's performed better than I expected, namely because we're not in Iran or North Korea right now. But that's about it. I still hate him.

  3. i like the guy. he has fun ears. i fear the president without serious morals. the people behind the president all pull his strings anyway- but bush has kept things from turning into sin city. gotta respect that.

    hi. stumbled across you, today. hope you don't mind, but i'm linking to you. think i'll read often, if that's okay.

  4. I think your statement sums it up pretty well for me:

    He's performed about as well as I could have imagined. If I had to vote again, I'd make the same choice.

    I don't think we imagined the same performance or made the same choice though 🙂

  5. I agree that the President has performed as well as expected, and yes, I would vote for him again.

    For those of you surprised that Bush won the last election, it's probably worthwhile to note that "I hate Bush" isn't really a strong rallying cry that reasoned, thinking people can gather around. It seems more petulant than persuasive. As much as I disliked some of the things that Clinton did, and how he lowered the expectations for the office of President, I still never hated him, and I still respect him as President. That's more than I can say for the anti-Bush crowd.

  6. i actually expected a lot more damage than he has done, so i guess "better than i expected" would be technically correct, though i still think he's done nothing worthwhile at all.