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iTunes for Porno? Get Real. Get Responsible.

You know, I've gotta side with John on this one.

As a parent (hey, I can say that now!), I believe in teaching kids to be responsible and in being responsible myself. Part of that responsibility is knowing what my kids are up to and preparing them for the things they're going to encounter in the real world. If the censors have their way, "the real world" would scare an 18-year-old to death after living a sheltered, nudity-, cussing-, hate-, evil-, violence-, crime-free sheltered shell of a life.

Heaven forbid we have a little accountability in this damn country.

2 Responses to "iTunes for Porno? Get Real. Get Responsible."

  1. It is difficult to know what is good without knowing what is bad; it is difficult to develop moral character if those decisions are always made elsewhere, by others.

    Regarding ITMS and podcasts-- there are already music downloads there that have parental advisories (as well as cleaned up versions); I have never noticed, does iTunes have a built in means of filtering? None of the articles I have seen on this issue so far have mentioned it if so.

  2. Bud, not really. But instead of relying on an 'explicit' tag that is essentially meaningless unless you apply it yourself, why not allow people to apply it for themselves? I think that the ability to add iTunes to "Parental Controls" in Mac OS X 10.4 would make sense. You could for example, restrict access to iTMS, Internet Radio and Podcasts. You could allow Parents to set up approved playlists for existing files and podcasts.

    This would make far more sense than trying to get Apple to do it all for you.