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QotD: Tablet Mac

Question: Do you still want to see a tablet Mac? Why or why not?

My Answer: I'd pay $1500 right now for a 17" tablet Mac. It should offer a 17" display (though I'd take 15" if the resolution was good). It should have USB ports for those who want to use a keyboard/mouse, but a screen that accepts (I had to look this up it's been so long) Inkwell (or Ink) is a must. It should use a low-power chip and offer a place for perhaps a CompactFlash card for storage - or people could just use their iPod Shuffles (Gasp!).

Basically, I want a way to use my desktop computer wirelessly and locally without having to sit at my desk. I could buy a new PowerBook, yes, but I don't like having to have two sets of files on two different computers. I want to have one computer and use it throughout my house. PowerBooks are also less powerful, have smaller screens (sometimes my 23" is important), require frequent charging, and get too damn hot on your lap.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Tablet Mac"

  1. One of the next great moves in Mac software will be from single computer to home networks. I'm hoping for a tablet mac that would force the issue some.

  2. I'm kind of against the idea of anything larger than my 15' laptop due to the fact anything bigger is just too small for portable. I really think anything over 17" even for a tablet is just pushing it in terms of resolution. A desktop has the luxury of a large screen, but I would never carry anything like a 23" laptop around. I think the current 15" laptops have nice resolution and give great accurate screen-to-paper ratios, unlike my friends who can cram a 4 paper dimension on a 19" monitor.

    A tablet would get too hot as well. It's the G4s they put in them. I'm all for the cooler Intel processors.

  3. Yes

  4. Derek, a tablet Mac such as the one I'm envisioning wouldn't need a G4. It uses the processor in the desktop or "base" computer.

  5. "It uses the processor in the desktop or 'base' computer."

    So the tablet has no processor? That would be an interesting device, indeed.

  6. I didn't say it wouldn't have a processor. Just that it wouldn't need to do a whole lot, so it certainly wouldn't need to be a G4. The "processor" in the tablet Mac I envision would merely need to coordinate the tablet with the base. It's basically a remote display with input capabilities.

  7. Erik -- what you need is a "wireless monitor" and Viewsonic makes them:

    although it looks like the screen is only 10".