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QotD: Floppy

Question: When is the last time you used a floppy disk?

My Answer: 1995. Yes, it's been 10 years.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Floppy"

  1. As old Macs are a hobby of mine, it hasn't been that long ago, probably a few months.

  2. Yesterday. I needed to boot up to Win98 to solve an issue 🙁

  3. Yesterday.

    My wife doesn't like me putting my pint glass on the wood coffee table.

  4. A few months ago at work, to get the Windows XP installer to load a RAID driver. (Yes, that's right, the Windows XP installer can ONLY load drivers from floppy!)

    Then I realized that the floppy drive was broken (on a brand-new Dell) and decided that it wasn't worth messing with it. I was about to put the file on a USB flash drive (the Dell BIOS has a nifty "make a USB flash drive look like a floppy disk" option) but then I found the stupid BIOS option to disable the RAID controller and make it work like a normal SATA controller. (there was only one disk in the machine anyway, so it's not like I needed a RAID)

    Aren't PCs lovely?

  5. Yesterday at work to move something to a machine that isn't on the network.

  6. About 2 years ago, to make a floppy disk RAID 🙂

  7. Today, in fact.

    I had to sneakernet between a couple of older PCs that lack ethernet.

  8. Yesterday. I use them at work all the time.

  9. I often get floppies from customers (yes, in 2005 still) that i have to read in, or convert its contents

    since my Rev-A Wallstreet 292 doesnt like OS X, i run 9.2 and .. this has the swappable CD/Floppy 🙂

    On another slightly offtopic note, How would I play Turrican on my A500 without a floppy 😀 (on the Amiga 600HD, right answer, yes)

  10. Oddly enough, 2 weeks ago. My new machine has a SATA controller, and to install Windows XP I had to put the SATA drivers on a floppy. For some ignorant reason the Windows XP installation can't loa drivers from a CD. I had to traack down a floppy drive for the whole mess as well. Prior to that it has peobably been 4 or 5 years since I've used a floppy.