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Housewarming Party

Carey and I had our wedding reception/housewarming party today.

Most of my side of the family didn't show. My parents, my (maternal) uncle and his family, and my grandma (also maternal) were there. My sister and her husband and all of my dad's side of the family failed to make it, and only one (thank you, Aunt Betty!) bothered to send anything (even so much as the requested regrets at not being able to attend).

Carey's family and friends managed a little better - most of them showed up. Some did not (Jen?), and we hope all is well with them as they had even planned to come.

Carey and I (mostly Carey) were up late last night and up early this morning cleaning and getting ready. Carey's parents were great in setting up and throwing the party, and everyone liked our house. I plan to take a video while it's still clean for those who couldn't make it.

I was happy to see Aaron, who I haven't seen in years, and his girlfriend Gina. I wished I had more time to spend with them, and to talk with her about her studies (biophysics, crystallizing some proteins) as it was near my study area.

Carey and I were able to circulate and socialize quite a bit. I had no idea what to do, so if you attended and I didn't spend as much time with you as you wished, sorry. Then again, who would really care to spend more time with me? 😉

My mom decorated a nice cake - chocolate, chocolate, and vanilla in a stacked three layers. It was very tasty. I was able to sneak a bite or two before everyone ate it!

Heather's looking well, and Erin and John's kid is pretty nifty. I wished I'd gotten to spend more time talking to him - Carey said he's a bright kid. Cute too.

My uncle and my cousins and I were able to sneak in six holes of golf before it began raining so much we had to quit.

Well, now I've got some cleanup to do, so this is a bit of an odd post, and it will remain as such. 🙂

One Response to "Housewarming Party"

  1. See, that's entertaining. Even if you didn't get drunk and start doing renditons of Seasons of Love. 🙂