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QotD: Far Friends

Question: What percentage of the people you consider "friends" live within 50 miles of you?

My Answer: 10%. One out of ten. That's about it.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Far Friends"

  1. I would estimate 95%, but Massachusetts is pretty small. And although I've lived in about 15 different apartments since I graduated high school, they've all been somewhere in Massachusetts.

  2. My answer: about the same number that live within 7500km of me 😉 -- maybe 10% going by number of Japanese addresses in AddressBook Friends list to non-Japan addresses.

    Most live in British Columbia, Canada, followed by Yucatan State, Mexico, then California, USA. My furthest friend would be 18,300km away, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and second-furthest 10,000 away in St.-Junien, France. It'd be nice to be able to hang out with family and friends on the weekend, though having iChat is a fantastic improvement over expensive phone bills.

    I'd be curious as to how others deal with communication with friends in far-away places.