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Acronym Script

This is just a test of some acronym script I've got going here. Let's see if it recognizes DVD or HTML or MP3 or WYSIWYG or some other acronyms like PDF and JPEG and GIF. FAQ? That should be easy.

It doesn't seem to work. Even after changing the &lt; and &gt; to < and >. Hmmm.

5 Responses to "Acronym Script"

  1. What exactly was it supposed to do?

  2. The script has been updated so that it actually works. 🙂

    The trick was unformatting it for HTML. That is, convert ALL gt/lt codes to real > and < codes.

  3. It still doesn't seem to actually do anything, unfortunately.

  4. Well, I copied the text into BBEdit and saved it in the specified location, started ecto and posted a test entry. Seemed to run fine.

    To test on the command-line, make a dummy file and then run: sh /path/to/ filename_to_convert

    Check the file for changes and the console for errors.

    Outside of that, IM me or something. I got it working yesterday.

  5. 🙁 I am 300 miles from Indiana Dunes (the beach on Lake Michigan) and about a million miles from any good beaches. My parents live on the Ohio River, but there are no beaches there. And I would fear for my life if a drop of that water touched me.