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MovableType 3.2b2

This blog is now running MovableType 3.2b2. Some random thoughts (I may edit this list as the day goes by).

  • I like the icons. They're prettier.
  • I'm going to have to get used to where things are in the new system, but overall, the layout seems to make some sense.
  • I dirify my titles, so I had to run a massive script to update all of the basenames for existing entries. I didn't have to, but I wanted to so that I could use basenames going forward. I don't know how this will work in ecto (see below).
  • The Junk functionality does absolutely nothing at this point, but it will soon. For now, I've got SpamLookup installed. It's a stopgap and nothing more.
  • Speaking of plugins, MT-Macro, MT-WordCount, and MTTimer all seem to work. I disabled NoFollow.
  • Updating my API password for ecto was easy enough.
  • I agree with Judi about bare-bones templates. It took me over an hour just to integrate the new comments form. Over half of that time was spent messing with <div>s I didn't create.
  • I don't recommend upgrading now unless you like comment spam (or don't get any). MT is, at this point, pretty defenseless.
  • I had to add an mt-site.js template. It wasn't included or created automatically. Lame.
  • I've been told not to Junk comments, but just to delete them. For some reason, Junking moderated (i.e. unpublished) comments rebuilds entries (unnecessarily). Bug filed.
  • Moderation doesn't seem to work. Even if I log in via TypeKey, my comments are moderated for some reason, despite the fact that it's my blog, I've commented some (nearly) 700 times, and that I'm a trusted commenter. The settings look correct, but my comments are held for moderation.

Results of publishing this entry via ecto ("MovableType 3.2b2" should publish at "movabletype_32b2.php" - that's 16 letters instead of the default 15) failed. Either ecto will have to add "basename" capability or MovableType will need to let me specify how to automatically form a basename. 15 characters simply isn't gonna cut it. No way, no how.

5 Responses to "MovableType 3.2b2"

  1. Do you run your own server, or do you use a hosting service? Feel free to point me to an earlier post if there is one; I looked but didn't see one. I currently run my own server but I'm getting tired of doing Unix admin, so I'm considering switching to a hosting service.

  2. I run my own server. FreeBSD, actually. Not very difficult to keep going.

  3. Those issues seem to be fairly major regressions for a beta release... for you sake Erik I hope release a b3 fairly soon.

    Daniel BTW... I used to run my own box... and like just just got tired of it... it was fun & interesting... but keeping my world up-to-date, after a few years, started to old... I've since moved to a hosting service... FreeBSD 5.4, PHP5.x, Apache2.x, and all the bells and whistles. Everything you could ever want... really... they also do Rudy on Rails hosting... on the entry level account!

  4. Just curious, did you have any trouble setting up the bayesian filter plugin on 3.2?

  5. [quote comment="27856"]Just curious, did you have any trouble setting up the bayesian filter plugin on 3.2?[/quote]

    I don't remember. This was a year and a half ago, dude. I've switched to WordPress. MovableType sucks. 😛