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Need some Trophies

I need some trophies for a silly "Ryder Cup-like" competition I'm holding in October. One main trophy with four little separate trophies (for each of the winning team members). Does anyone know where I can find such a trophy? Locally? Online? I am not sure where to begin.

Ideally, the trophy would be somewhat cheesy, but I don't want something plastic or something that will fall apart, either.

3 Responses to "Need some Trophies"

  1. Rafcin recommended Crown Awards.


    This isn't so much a recommendation as a neat idea for a trophy. what you see there is a handmade trophy for my company's annual "best ball" tournament. One my coworkers constructed it so unfortunately I can't point you to anywhere you could purchase such a thing.

    However, I am proud to say that after winning 1st place in this years tournament my name and my teammates' will be on it 😀

  3. Many local sporting goods stores that sell uniforms for team sports will either make or have a standing contract with someone to make trophies. Most of the ones that I have seen have a stone base which has a plastic cup/ball/figurine bolted onto it and an engraved metal plate glued to the front.