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A website that starts with the word "varied-" and has the name of a popular card game after that (followed by .com) has been spamming this site like crazy for the past twelve hours. Luckily, they use only one URL, so I put them in the spam blocklist in SpamLookup (yes, it works in MovableType 3.2b2) and they've not gotten a single comment past it yet.

They have tried over 8,000 times in those 12 hours. It's not stopping, either. How ineffective is this, really?

I wonder if anyone living in Washington or some of those states where you can sue spammers have sued and won for comment spam.

3 Responses to "Varied-Spamcrazy"

  1. If they're only attacking you from one IP address and you can ban it on the server's firewall then that's a pretty easy way to get rid of them forever. My experience is that spammers like that will never, ever stop. Banning the IP they are using works out quite nicely.

  2. No, they're faking a bunch. You know how it goes. Banning the IP is really only useful for getting rid of humans who you don't want posting on your blog. Humans who aren't on dial-up (unless you like blocking thousands of potential legitimate users). 🙂

  3. Add another 3200 or so to the total.