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QotD: Phobia

Question: Steven Frank has (had?) a fear of flying. It's got me wondering: what is your biggest phobia? Or are you phobia-free?

My Answer: I don't have any phobias, per se. That's not said to brag (I'm as screwed up as anyone, just in different areas I suppose), but in honestly looking at things I can't say I have a phobia. The common ones are no problem - snakes, spiders, heights, commitment (ha ha). I'm not afraid of pianos or vaginas with teeth (that's a real one) or telephones.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Phobia"

  1. Two big ones: zombies, and nuclear/biological weapons. That's it.

  2. Heights.

    I'm much better than I was though 🙂

  3. Earthquakes. I lived in L.A. during the Northridge earthquake in 95 and it was the most frightening thing I've experienced. That's why I left the west coast. Hurricanes don't bother me as much since they can be predicted & we have enough time to prepare, but an earthquake could come any time with no warning.

  4. Rollercoasters. Just thinking about them upsets me. Some heights bother me, but I wouldn't avoid doing something because of them.

  5. Infedility and nothingness after life.

  6. Confined spaces.