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QotD: Posters

Question: Do you have any posters in your bedroom or office? If yes, of what?

My Answer: I've cut back since my college and bachelor days, of course, but I do keep my 1984 hammer-runner-lady-with-iPod poster in my office, and I have a large hanging iBook poster (cloth, 2' x 8') from a New York Macworld Expo hanging up as well. And thassit. The rest are in my closet in tubes or in frames (my six Think Different posters remain in simple black frames).

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10 Responses to "QotD: Posters"

  1. In my garage, I have two BMW posters - the Z1 and the M1. In my office, I have a few posters of Space Shuttle, and a cloth NeXT in-store poster.

  2. I have that poster as well. In addition to some large format printouts of Arcade mainboard schematics (PacMan, Galaga). Check the pic and you can see an example.

  3. Nothing hanging right now, since I'm moving tomorrow, but people have been giving me a bunch of sports photos and memorabilia recently. My favorite is probably my autographed Bobby Orr photo of his Stanley Cup winning goal, though the 2004 and 1918 World Series reproductions of the Boston Globe front pages that my folks bought me are rather nice.

    I'm thinking of adding a Life Poster once I get settled into the new place.

  4. Foamcore mounted original iPod poster hanging in my office. Think Different and other release posters rolled and stored. A bunch of others stored flat somewhere in my garage.

  5. In my office at work I have posters from Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Waimea Canyon (on Kaua'i), Crater Lake National Park, Multnomah Falls (in Oregon), a random part of the Oregon coast, Hecate Head lighthouse in Oregon, some random posters from the Getty Museum (in Los Angeles), and a poster of Tux, the Linux mascot.

    None are framed… they're held up by pushpins put directly into the walls.

    I also have some postcards from various trips on my wall (filling in some gaps between oddly-sized posters) and on the refrigerator in my office.

  6. Qotd: Posters

    Erik asks:: Do you have any posters in your bedroom or office? If yes, of what? Absolutely. I have five framed Apple posters up in my apartment. Behind my desk I have an original Mac OS X poster....

  7. i've got a picture of my high school racing 4 as we're racing on the schuylkill river at stotesbury back in 1998, a picture of boathouse row and a piece of art i made in high school that was shown in a local art exhibition. i've got two different sets of think different posters i got from apple in tubes in my closet until i get them framed.

  8. Posters

    Erik J. Barzeski asks:
    Do you have any posters in your bedroom or office? If yes, of what?
    My wall is currently decorated with 2 Keith Haring posters, a retro Coca-Cola poster and some rowing related posters. I also have another 3 posters (including ...

  9. Kill Bill and The Breakfast Club posters 😛

  10. My office hangings vary according to my mood (ironically just today I took down a poster of the RX-8). My bedroom decorations have also toned down since I was in college, right now I have only a cloth screenprint hanging of Kaneda and his bike, and a big map of the world in the Peters projection. I also have a small hand-painted watercolor of some mountains in the Ring of Kerry.