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Burglars? Nah.

Last night, at 4am, I awoke and heard a weird noise that sounded a bit like Little One hitting her baby doll's head against her crib. I woke Carey up and the noise happened two more times, then stopped. I was content to lock the door and go back to sleep, but Carey had me fetch my 9mm and investigate the house. Turns out there was nothing wrong, but she had left the back French door unlocked.

So today, after we get back from a wedding reception for her friend Jen, I'll be doing two things: investigating the cost of a home security system (something that sounded an alarm when windows or doors were opened would be sufficient, I imagine, and maybe a motion-sensing light or two) and setting up the gun safe in the bedroom. Ho hum.

Incidentally, the noises occurred again at about 9am, and they seemed to be coming from outside. Perhaps the air conditioner was making some funny noises.

3 Responses to "Burglars? Nah."

  1. I have Guardian home protection here at my house. I think they would work in Erie since you live about an hour away. Word of warning, the package may sound cheap, but they get you with the window modules. My system has worked great. Email me if you have any questions.

  2. How well do you know your neighbors?

  3. I've setup a web-cam looking out into our front parking lot. It's not really a deterrent but is kinda fun to play with. Would be useful if we heard a noise outside and wanted to go back through history to see what caused it. Right now it just stores the last sixty minutes worth of images. I'm working on some stuff that will detect motion and save 'interesting' pictures (pictures that have movement or pictures that differentiate substantially from a baseline picture).

    The really neat part though is that I wrote a dashboard widget to via it (yes, I know everybody an their brother has already written this widget, but I plan on adding features to let you look back through the archive).