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QotD: Keys

Question: How many keys do you have on your keychain? Do you need them all?

My Answer: Only five. Two are for the cars, one is for the house, one is for my locker at Lake View, and the last… I'm not sure what it is, but I'll know it when I need to use it. Or in about 30 minutes when it comes to me. Hmmmmm…

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5 Responses to "QotD: Keys"

  1. I have 4: 1 for the car, 1 for the house, 1 for the POB, and 1 for the office. I carry a separate keychain for other, lesser used, keys -- but only when I need them.

  2. I carry two keychains:

    work keychain: 8 keys and my Leatherman toolkey to get into the school's academic and administrative buildingskey to open doors keyed to my department's key (offices, labs, etc.)key to call the library elevator to the basementkey to make the elevator go the second floor2 keys for padlocks (used mostly for locking PowerMac G5s and Dell towers to tables)key to the Pepsi machinekey to the candy machinehome keychain: 7 keys, remote unlocking device for car, flashlight, supermarket (Albertson's/Sav-on) club card, hardware store (Ace) club cardapartment keymailbox keypool/laundry room keygarage keyold garage key - might still work for the manual override to disconnect automatic door opener during power outage .. should check, and toss it if it doesn't even do that anymore..key to my mom's housecar keySo I guess I carry 15 keys, of which 1 might not be useful anymore.

  3. 11:

    2 apartment keys

    2 keys for the office (gone in a few weeks when summer ends!)

    1 key to my parents house

    2 keys to cars

    1 laptop key

    2 bike lock keys

    1 key i'm not sure what it's for...

  4. I hate having a bulky keychain (wears holes in the pockets), so I use three keychains. One keychain is just for the car key and alarm fob. Another keychain is just for the motorcycle keys. And the last keychain is for everything else, which is 5: 2 apartment keys, 1 bedroom door lock key, 1 bicycle lock key, and 1 laptop lock key. That one also has a tiny buck knife and a library card on it.

  5. Three -- Apartment, Mail, Car

    If I want to drive the other car I swap keychains with my wife ... still three.

    Then we keep key pouches (or whatever they're called) in the glove boxes of the cars so if we happen to need any of the "other keys" they are where we are.