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Smooth and Easy

They say that getting married and buying a house are some of the most stressful things you can do. Carey and I eliminated the stress in getting married by doing it on the cheap and easy, but we knew that the whole "find a house, buy a house, move in, take care of a house" process would be a bear.

It hasn't been.

In fact, rarely have I undergone something so smooth as buying a house. Granted, it helps that we took the fifth or sixth house we looked at, but everything - from the mortgage to the moving in to the getting settled and buying furniture and appliances to the hosting of the housewarming party.

It's not as though we settled or took less than we wanted. We got exactly what we wanted in a house (and more!). Doing a no-doc loan eliminated much of the hassle, I'm sure, but I've been more stressed about buying a new computer than I was about buying a house.

The only hiccups came when a tornado at the factory delayed the arrival of our furniture by a few weeks and when Carey and I had to bark the yard (what a pain).

In fact, we're so comfortable that yesterday Carey and I stripped all of the wallpaper in our master bathroom. We're going to paint it a golden wheat color. Pictures of that project are forthcoming… as soon as we finish.

2 Responses to "Smooth and Easy"

  1. A lot of people getting way more stressed about stuff like that than they need to be, but ya know I bet a lot of the stress is eliminated with you setting your own hours.

  2. Maybe it's been so easy because your wife does sooooooo much 🙂