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QotD: Beer

Question: What's your favorite kind of beer?

My Answer: Guinness, Killians Irish Red, or Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, in that order (roughly). I'm far from a big fan of beer, and really only drink it when I must. That works out to about three times per year.

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13 Responses to "QotD: Beer"

  1. Guinness. It's the only beer.

  2. Woodchuck - it's the only kind I will drink.

  3. Yeungling! the unofficial Rock n Roll beer of Erie!

  4. I brew my own beer. I'm not kidding.

    I did a nice dark lager over the winter and a very light brew for the summer. Most commercial brewers use a large amount of sugar in their brews, this decreases the fermentation period and increases the alcahol content. I do not do this and as a result have produced more rich and full bodied beers than you could ever purchase in a store.

    That said, it's a slow process so I do purchase commerical beer.

    yuengling is great, as is samuel adams. I am also very fond of a nice corona with a lime.

  5. woodchuck is not a beer. it's a cider, or perhaps "malt beverage".

    beer (IMHO) is brewed from hops. why is this just my opinion? anheuser busch and fans of their beers would disagree.

    i'm a big fan of microbrews, which was why i was surprised recently when some of sam adams varieties impressed me. good stuff for a macrobrew.

    generally, for macrobrews i prefer heineken. for microbrews, we have a local brewery (Capital brewery) that makes the "Capital 1900", which is perhaps the best beer I've ever had.

  6. Beamish, Beamish, Beamish. It's so much better than Guinness, though I'm biased, what with the having Irish parents and all.

  7. Favorite kind is the Belgian Ale. Chimay and Unibroue top the list. A close second is the solstice series from Anderson Valley: both creamy and sweet.

  8. yuengling or coors light. If I am out of that i'll drink a couple of my dads budweisers.

  9. Question: I asked what your favorite beer was, so now: what's your favorite mixed drink? My Answer: Half amaretto, half chocolate milk. Mix in a tad of Kahlua if you must. Amaretto sours if you really must. You are encouraged...

  10. Labatt's Light

  11. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is vile. I hate that stuff. But I don't like beer in general very much. If I feel obligated to drink beer, I'll get something wussy like a Rolling Rock.

  12. Tetley's English Ale! There's nothing better. (Guiness comes real close.) I also like Magic Hat #9 and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Those are my top faves these days (summer months), but Tetley's is the all-time champ.

  13. Double Diamond 🙂