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Trusted Idiocy

John Gruber's rant back at Cory Doctorow has once again painfully reminded me how stupid otherwise intelligent people can be. Not John, but Cory - who brain farts so hard he's got to clean the bowl.

Cory's like this sometimes, too. Bits of brilliance mixed in with some of the dumbest commentary you've ever seen. I unsubscribed from Boing Boing ages ago because I got tired of Cory's silly, stupid rants when they began to outnumber the brilliant ones.

2 Responses to "Trusted Idiocy"

  1. I sort of understand why Cory feels it necessary to take the extreme position he does, but I do often want to drop him a note myself, to tell him what a loony chicken little he sounds like, and that that in itself could be harming his cause.

  2. He's definitely harming his case. The EFF is turning into the NRA, treating everything as OMGWTFENDOFTHEWEEEERLD

    It's gotten to the point that the EFF being involved automatically makes me mildly distrust whomever they're defending.