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QotD: Pop Tarts

Question: What is your favorite flavor Pop-Tart? Or do you eschew all "breakfast in a tin-foil bag" type meals?

My Answer: Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Pop Tarts"

  1. That's my favorite, too. In fact, I just finished eating one. I find that it's the smoothest-tasting Pop-Tart.

  2. The fruity one that is "currently" being aimed at really young kids. The last ones I had were from Monsters Inc. Or Scooby Doo. THe ones with the sugar candies on top are the best.

  3. The frosted brown sugary cinnamony kind.... When your little of course the cherry and strawbery with sparkely sprinkles appeal... but now it's just like yuck........

  4. Frosted brown sugar. Why do I keep buying strawberry?

  5. There is but one good Pop-Tart, and it is Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. All others are infidels, though, in a pinch, I'll eat the chocolate fudge ones.

  6. It used to be the 'Smores flavor, but I really liked the frosted Spidey berry flavor that was out during the first Spider Man movie. They probably have that same flavor still with some other name. I wouldn't know. I don't eat the 'Tarts all that often.

    However, this summer I was on a budget and I ate a few of Wal-Mart's version. I actually liked their frosted berry better than Kellogg's fruit Pop Tarts. That shocked me, because Wal-Mart isn't usually up to snuff.

  7. In general, the frosted brown sugar cinnamon. But the Spider Berry ones were pretty good. Note, they were also available during Spiderman 2, because I didn't have one till last summer.

    I do hope they bring back the flavor, even if under a different guise. It's a nice change from the brown sugar cinnamon sometimes.