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MT 3.2b3 and Those Short Basenames

Good news:

Implemented blog-level setting for basename length limit. (Weblogs that are upgraded to 3.2 are configured to use the previous default of 15 characters. New weblogs get a default setting of 30 characters.)

I'm now satisfied. I had complained about this before.

3 Responses to "MT 3.2b3 and Those Short Basenames"

  1. Just so ya know, that feature was revised specifically because of your request. 🙂 It's nice having a whole company at your beck and call, ain't it?

  2. Indeed it is, Anil. 🙂 It's a great feature, too, and it'll make it easier for those who use MovableType and don't want to have to train people how to edit the basename to produce URLs as it has done in the past. Though I may have been the only one to request it, I'm certain many others will be glad to have it.

    Thank you. The fact that I can get ahold of any of you without any reasonable delay is one of the reasons I continue to use MT - and to recommend it to every client.

  3. Since the fix has been made, I will start using it. Otherwise, I would have just ignored this new feature as not useful.

    And I will agree that is very refreshing to see a company respond to users and listen to what they have to say: that is a rare commodity these days.