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Shadow Blue

'Nuff said, I guess:

Blue Touareg

Well, okay, maybe a little more: "Shadow Blue" with black ("Anthracite") leather interior.

8 Responses to "Shadow Blue"

  1. Very cool - congratulations on the new truck. I look forward to reading your thoughts at the 1,000 mile mark.

  2. Is that oil leaking near the front right wheel? 😉

  3. Midlife crissis?

  4. Nice, I dig that color.

  5. Air conditioning (i.e. water). And no, it's not a "crissis." Please read the three or four previous posts on the whole "new car" thing for the reason, or read the summary: it spaces our cars out by four years and gets rid of a 1999 Camry that was starting to have issues.

    I like the color too. More (better) pictures coming soon.

  6. From some of the clutter in the foreground, I thought you had also happened to hack a Segway in your spare time. Oops my bad, that is the rear wheel of your new ride.

  7. Looks good. 🙂

  8. I love it! I wish I could drive..... 🙁 well I can... just not legaly.....