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Touareg Pictures

For Ron, who thought the "Touareg" was "a computer thing," so he "ignored all those posts" and then prepared a speech about how I was a bad, greedy American for buying a Hummer… 🙂


The Touareg looks pretty nifty from the front - part SUV, part car, and not very "truck-like" at all. I like the lines, the headlights are attractive, and so forth. It looks aggressive but austere.

Moving around to the side a bit, you can see the 18" tires (I think Touaregs can take up to 22" tires with the air suspension). My Aztek's has only 15" tires (in the background). This picture doesn't represent the height of the Touareg very well because my driveway slopes down to the street quite a bit, but the color shows up pretty nicely.

Front Side

There's the temporary tag. When the roof rack cross bars are joined together in the back as you can see here, it's supposed to look like a spoiler. The jury's still out on that one… 😛 But it's nice to have roof racks - I got plenty of use (and will continue to do so) out of the Aztek's. The bonus? The Touareg's have a key and can be locked into place. People stole unlocked roof racks all the time in Florida because the Yakima or Thule parts attached to them are bloody expensive!

Rear Side

Mouse over this next one - it should work in most browsers. It shows the two-stage rear doors - the window can pop up or the whole door can pop up. It's a bit stiff right now - which is great when you're popping the trunk up, not so great when you're trying to push it down - perhaps it'll loosen up just a tad.

Rear Window

The Aztek, of course, has a two-stage door, but it's a flip up and a flip down part. Both have their advantages. I kinda like the Aztek deal more, but who am I to complain? Nobody else has really done it the Aztek way. And yes, the tires are big. Plus, I finally have alloy wheels! Woo hoo!


Here's a nice picture of the Shadow Blue color. On the hood, of course.


The inside is "anthracite" (dark grey) leather. In minimal testing, the seats haven't gotten too hot to the touch, but I'm sure they will. The amount of leg room in this thing is pretty incredible - I can fully stretch my legs and they fit. You can see the rubber floor mats in the top picture (and the 12-way electric seat, with heat), some of the nice wood trim in both, and, well, the leather looks rather light grey but the flash blew it out quite a bit.

Inside Front

Inside Rear

I dropped by "" and picked up a Neo iOn. I'll wire my iPod through my trunk (with a long cord - the iPod will still be in the cabin) where the six-disc CD changer would go if I had it. Instead I just have the better speakers (good). The iOn will allow me to control the iPod with the radio and wheel controls and it'll play without loss of quality (as it would with a cassette tape or FM transmitter) because it plays directly through the dock port. Woohoo! Finally!


And finally, something I'm looking forward to using: the gear shift. Yeah, it has Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive, but the two cooler modes are Sport Mode and the "Tiptronic" mode. Cazi's Mitsubishi Eclipse had it in college, and it was pretty fun. My rental car in Massachusetts had one too - real nice. Plus, it should come in handy in the snow.

Gear Shift

4 Responses to "Touareg Pictures"

  1. That is a very sexy car, my friend. I like that it is higher up off of the ground than many SUVs -- like my Jeep. I also liked hearing that you can add up to 4" to your tires. After I went through my first set of tires on the Grand Cherokee I got tires that were 1" larger. It was a subtle change that made a huge difference in making the car more masculine and aggressive looking, and set it apart from the many other Jeeps just like it.

  2. Very nice car. Very good choice. Glad you didn't get the ugly, good-for-nothing, Hummer. But, do you guys call that a gear shift? Europeans laugh at that sort of stuff. Good choice none-the-less!

  3. Nice job. I like this car.

  4. Hey Erik -

    Stumbled across your blog today while searching for info on the neo iOn ipod adapter. I just got a T'reg and am planning to install the adapter using the cd changer cable in the trunk. Just curious how things went for you and if you're happy with the product.