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QotD: iPods

Question: How many iPods have you owned?

My Answer: I currently own one 30 GB iPod and one Shuffle. Prior to that, for work, I had a 10 GB iPod that I gave to Carey. I owned a 20 GB (sold on eBay) and a 4 GB iPod (sold to a friend). So, five, four of which I paid for and two of which I still own (three if you count Carey's).

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9 Responses to "QotD: iPods"

  1. Got a 10GB in 2002, sold it for a color 40GB in 2004. Got my girlfriend a 20GB pod as a post-Christmas present this year. My brother and sister have their own 20 and mini.

  2. I bought one of the first 5GB models, whose battery eventually died. Then moved on to a 4GB mini and Shuffle, both of which I'm very happy with.

  3. 7 or 8 I think, mainly for testing with my apps. I still have the original iPod sitting on my desk and its battery is going well remarkably.

  4. None

  5. I'm on my third now, a 60G color model. My first two were a 10G second generation & a 40G third generation. All except the first were bought from PowerMax trading in my previous one.

  6. Two. I bought a friend's 20GB iPod (the original 20GB unit) and last year bought the wife a shuffle. She has since confiscated my 20GB iPod, so all I have is the shuffle. I really should buy a 60GB iPod soon, but since I'm on a podcasting kick right now, the shuffle is good enough. (I use a PowerBook for work, so I just listen to my podcasts in iTunes; the shuffle is for while I'm mowing or driving.)

  7. Bought the 5 GB 1G, got it repaired twice before it broke out of warranty. Bought a 40 GB 4G, got it repaired twice and sold it on eBay to get a 30 GB photo.

    So 7, with 3 having been paid for.

  8. I bought a five gig the day of release ( Sometimes I think an email to Steve Jobs pre OS X helped "invent" the ipod but that's another story)

    My next iPod was the first available 40 gig model, touch wheel with the four buttons.

    Almost bit for a 60 gig photo when they became iPod Color instead, but rumors of bigger and better are holding that back. Also almost bought a shuffle or two on impulse, as gifts.

    I wonder what percentage of iPod sales are based on a single person owning more than one model?

  9. I started out with a gen III touch wheel 40GB (or was it 30? -- it was the top model at the time) That died and so I bought a 60GB iPod Photo. I bought a 512mb shuffle when my iPod went in for repairs because I'm crazy like that -- especially considering that they had a replacement unit for me the next day.