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Simple Viewer

SimpleViewer displays pictures nicely, along with some other features:

  • Intelligent image pre-loading.
  • Intuitive image navigation
  • Lightweight (12k).
  • Customizable interface - Set text color, frame color and width, navigation position.
  • Resizable interface - Interface scales to fit browser window.
  • Cross platform (requires Flash 6 or higher).
  • Flash 6 detection. Users without Flash 6 are redirected to an upgrade page.
  • International font support.
  • Keyboard Navigation (left and right cursor keys)
  • Free!


2 Responses to "Simple Viewer"

  1. So the point of Simple Viewer is to be like Flickr, without hosting the images with Flickr?

  2. Not really, Bud. I think the point is to provide an easy way to publish pictures in a fashion that looks a lot nicer than you can get with .Mac or Gallery.