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QotD: Walken to the White House?

Question: Hillary or Walken in 2008, if you had to pick between the two?

My Answer: Walken. Oh, and I saw on the news that Arnold wants to run, but, uhhh, until that whole "born in the United States" rule is changed, well shucks, he's just outta luck.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Walken to the White House?"

  1. It would be awesome to have Walken as president, because there would be an easy time for everyone to be more interested in what is going on in the White House. So, that would be a huge plus for Walken. I'd still want to know more about his politics. The site just had three bullet points, and was missing credibility. I feel like it is a joke after visiting the site.

  2. Is this for real or just a joke?

  3. To be honest, I'm really not sure.

  4. Oh yeah forgot to add...

    I am in California and I don't Arnold has done that bad as governor, but I would not vote for him for president even if he could run.

  5. This country needs more cowbell, I say.

  6. I'm to stunned to say anything....

    (minutes later)

    I'd have to hear his platform before he gets my vote, and hillery's just killed her credibility/votability with me lately, so it'll be more work for her to get my vote than it would have 6 (or even 2) months ago... i dunno

    BTW, anyone seen Demolition man? He'd be a term too late even if Arnold *COULD* run for the big chair... or if anyone would vote for him. (California has not gotten any better since he took office - all that's happened is that tax payers wasted their money to pull one fraud and replace him with another)

  7. If I HAD to choose one of the two, it would be Hillary.

    "The devil you know."

  8. Clearly a joke. The only references to this are in weblogs. The crap about "not announcing to major news sources" in the FAQ is completely silly.