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This Blog: Now in Blue

Yes, the site is now blue instead of green. I can pretty quickly change the colors now because there is so little imagery, and I changed the font in the title while I was at it. I also added little "fades" to the comments. If you see anything green (after reloading your stylesheet) that should be blue, please let me know.

The blue is somewhat of a VW blue, in case anyone is wondering. I took it from one of the pictures of my car.

BTW, VW blue is #4582cd. Well, that's the color they use on their site, anyway.

5 Responses to "This Blog: Now in Blue"

  1. The top part is still green, the NSLog title. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. You are obsessed with your car!!!! Eek!

  2. Click "refresh" and it shows up blue... or empty your cache.

  3. Thank you! It worked!

  4. What a very Grateful Dead-ish font!

  5. looking to set up a couple of blogs. MT or typepad seems to have alot of great functionality but i'm not into s/w programming or development, eventhough i would say i'm computer literate. should i go for something else?