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QotD: Bed

Question: What size bed do you have?

My Answer: A double (extra long). Carey and I like it, though prior to meeting me she was used to a King for two people. But we fit comfortably. Flint, sadly, is no longer allowed on the bed at night, though he's snuck on the past two evenings.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Bed"

  1. queen

  2. California King waterbed. King otherwise.

  3. I have a queen and a twin

  4. Queen. Before marriage I had a full size (extra long). Lately I've been dreaming of a king but somehow I don't think it would solve my problem. Maybe king size sheets and blankets on the queen would be a better choice. Whatever it takes to have my side as mine and also not wake up without any sheets. 🙂 She thinks its funny-- not her fault if she's asleep. I just wanna know why she's started doing this and how to get her to stop. Please, before winter sets in!

  5. The same ratty futon cushion that I used in numerous college apartments, which my brother then used as a couch for three years while I slept on floors, couches, or at my parents' house since I didn't really have a place of my own. I got it back from him but decided to build my own wooden frame for it rather than continue to use the old metal one. Too creaky!

    That's really weird... the futon is going to be ten years old next year. I'm getting old.

  6. King size Select Comfort mattress. My kids have a tendency to crawl in with us in the morning or after they've had a nightmare, and I was tired of sleeping with an elbow in my nose.

  7. I sleep in a double bed. After my first year in a dorm I moved into a flat, and about a month of sleeping on an air mattress and I invested in a decent bed. Best decision I ever made. Though anything less than a double seems small now.

  8. I know this post is a little old but after browsing your site for a bit... I thought why not make a comment. 😉

    Anyhow, I've had a twin sized mattress for the last two years and it has been great to me. To top it off, its a blow up bed lol.