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QotD: Volunteer

Question: When was the last time you volunteered? Doing what?

My Answer: I'm currently the volunteer assistant golf coach for my old high school, North East High School. Go Pickers! 🙂

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5 Responses to "QotD: Volunteer"

  1. Last weekend. I helped a stranger and his wife move in. They happen to go to the same school as me though, so it isn't so strange.

  2. Havn't done anything lately but for school this year I need ten hours of community service so I'll be doing something helpful........

  3. My company has a relationship with a middle school in the neighborhood, allowing employees to become "Netpals", which is basically a sort of combination of a penpal and a homework tutor, done through email. There are also three days at different times throughout the year where we actually meet with the kids and do something fun (like the science fair or something). It's not hardcore volunteering or anything, but the kids seem to like it.

  4. Well I don't live in p.a and I'm not in middle school.. But it would be nice to have something like that here because my parents really have no clue about algebra and geomtry and it would be nice to have it explained.....

  5. The week before ADHOC I helped cut the seeds & dead leaves (which can be dangerous when they fall) off the several hundred palm trees we have around the condo. I guess being on the condo association board also counts as volunteering.