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QotD: Retirement

Question: Do you plan to retire?

My Answer: Probably not fully, not ever. Unless of course I can play golf every day, all day. 🙂

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3 Responses to "QotD: Retirement"

  1. I may retire from certain careers, but I never want to stop working. If I retire from one career I'll want to just start a different one. Being from South West Florida I got to see a lot of retired when I was growing up. It seems to me that about 5-10 years after retirement one starts to wither away unless there is some other engaging activity in one's life.

  2. I would like to retire ASAP, so that I can enjoy the other things in life....Fishing, the family....Fishing.

  3. I feel the same as David, living in South Florida. Retirement is like a slow death, just sitting around with nothing to do. I could never live that way. I plan to keep programming & developing websites (probably on a 10Ghz 8-core x86 PowerBook with OS XX.4).