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QotD: Finder

Question: How do you primarily use the Finder: Column, List, or Icon view?

My Answer: I typically have one window open in column mode (six columns wide and a skinny sidebar). When I need to work with images or "drag and drop" type things, I'll open a second folder in icon view to provide easier (larger) drag targets.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Finder"

  1. I use column view when the path to the file is important to me, and list view most of the other time, when sorting by metadata is important. Icon view I really do not use too much; my preference might be different if the icons were image thumbnails as appropriate for graphic files, as it was in Classic.

    Maybe thumbnails ARE available as icons... I just haven't figured it out if so... I will ID a badly named graphic via column view preview mostly.

  2. I use column view exclusively. As you do, I typically have one window open, or multiple windows if I need to move or copy files.

  3. i use column view most of the time, and i usually have 3 or 4 windows open. Rairly one of my windows will be in list mode, and thats only because i want that folder sorted by file size or date.