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SpamLookup in MovableType

With MovableType 3.2b4 (actually in an earlier nightly beta), SpamLookup is bundled in and makes use of the "feedback scoring" system to "junk" spamments. Thus far, the results are astounding: I've had one false negative and one false positive on top of about 11,000 spamments.

Those are impressive results, and the darn thing (so far as I can tell) isn't even using a Bayesian filter. It's just determining which comments are spamments and which are not by looking at the message content (for URLs) and cross-checking that with DNS entries and lists along with some small word lists. Judi is similarly impressed.

Is this all it took? I'm still using MT-Blacklist over at The Sand Trap, but only because I'm waiting for 3.2 to be finalized before I install it there.

One Response to "SpamLookup in MovableType"

  1. Jay Allen has stopped using MT-Blacklist in favor of SpamLookup in 3.2. That's enough validation for me. 🙂