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BBEdit Table-Pasting Broken Somehow???

Did Safari 2.0 (412.2.2 - the one you get with Security Update 2005-007) break table-copying behavior for anyone else, or just me?

I used this page as a test. I pasted into BBEdit (8.2.3). Safari had been working properly for quite some time, but just now - several times - it pasted with one piece of information per line. Not tab-delimited.

P.S. Title changed from "Safari Table-Copying Broken Again?" to what you see now.

5 Responses to "BBEdit Table-Pasting Broken Somehow???"

  1. Hmm. Sort of works for me. I copied several lines and pasted into TextEdit and the first two columns are on their own line but the rest of the columns are on a third line correctly separated by tabs. Interesting.

  2. Incidentally, pasting (into a plain text, not rich text) TextEdit document seems to work fine. SubEthaEdit works, too (tabbed content). It works in Xcode, Photoshop, and a few others.

    But not in BBEdit (on my machine). Hmmm… I haven't changed any BBEdit settings lately.

  3. It also pastes fine into Excel...

  4. Something's screwy with my copy of BBEdit or something.

  5. As far as I can tell, this is happening because

    a) Safari puts tab delimited data in NSStringPboardType on the pasteboard. It also puts out Rich Text and a Web Archive.

    b) The ut16 type (unicode text) that BBEdit and other Carbon applications see contains unicode data with one cell per line, which isn't what the NSStringPboardType (what Cocoa applications normally see) contains.

    I don't know who is responsible for the lossy conversion.