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QotD: Buying Books

Question: Where do you buy the majority of your books?

My Answer: A local Barnes & Noble. I get 10% off (now 20%, because Carey's a teacher) and I enjoy the "immediacy" of having a book in my hand and not having to wait for the mail to deliver it (i.e.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Buying Books"

  1. I tend to order more expensive books (hardback books, technical books) from Amazon .. they're typically around 30% off. Free shipping and no sales tax, and even the free shipping is pretty fast. (just 3 days, usually)

    Paperback fiction and other things which aren't any cheaper online I generally buy at either Borders or Barnes & Noble. Yeah, 10% off at BN, but my local BN is pretty small and Borders is more likely to have stuff.

  2. barnes & noble

  3. Borders - 20% corporate discount... Ask a manager, they even give corporate discount cards to one man inc's.

  4. I also used to buy from B&N but in the past year or two I just haven't found it convenient to visit the store as I once did (mainly because I moved to the Boston area). I'd say the majority of the books I buy come from, but a couple months ago I asked myself if I really need to buy as many books as I do, considering most of them I only read once (and some seem never to get read). So the past dozen books I've "gotten" have come from the town library. The only exception to that is technical books, which I still buy, perhaps just out of habit.