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QotD: Pop Tabs

Question: Have you ever collected pop tabs? For what purpose?

My Answer: When I was in college, a local beer distributor offered a free keg for a gallon jug full of pop tabs. Rob and I collected them, then didn't have time to drink a keg (or throw the party), so we figured they must be worth something if you could get $60 in free beer out of it. So I collected darn near 10,000 over the next few years. I never really cared about the value (and I learned a few months ago that they really have none beyond their weight as aluminum), but it did help me visualize how much Coke I drank for a number of years.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Pop Tabs"

  1. can u really get a free keg though? my friends and i anre trying that now.

  2. what company was it that was doing this? i got a gallon milk jug overflowing with tabs and i dont know where to take them

  3. what company was it that was doing this? i have a ton of tabs where so i take them?

  4. dude like really where is this place to turn them in? i've been collecting forever and have no place to take them

    1. hey did you figure out where you could get that keg at? i have two gallons of tabs