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Google Talk

I'm on Google Talk now. The settings, for Adium:

Jabber ID: [username]
Password: [Your GMail Password]
Connect Server:
Resource: Adium
Port: 5222
Mail: [your choice]
Security: check "use TLS encryption" but leave "force old-style SSL" and "allow plaintext authentication" unchecked.

That's it. Say hi if you'd like - I'm "erikjb" on Gmail…

8 Responses to "Google Talk"

  1. I hope they open up the voip protocol they're using so that clients like Adium and gAIM can use 'em.

  2. Nice, thanks for the tip. Just added you. 😉

  3. I dont get it....Whats the big deal with yet another IM service?

  4. sounds cool but, I dont have gmail... :((

  5. Scott, who knows? 😛 And Julia, you do now.

  6. The quality of the voice chat in Google Talk is REALLY nice. It's better than a phone call -- no joke. I like that it works through my firewall -- I didn't have to play with the port forwarding, etc. I know there are other "voice" apps out there, but this works great and is really convenient since it's part of an IM program. Plus this lets me uninstall MSN Messenger now. 🙂

  7. Microsoft should send Google a Thank You card. You need Windows 2000 for Google Talk and many people, like myself, are still using Windows 98. Guess I have a need/excuse to upgrade.

  8. I'd like to see Google Talk use Jabber's XMPP server-to-server communication feature to federate with Dreamhost's Jabber servers so that I can talk to Google Talk users using my normal email address (I host my domain at Dreamhost who provides Jabber servers already). Perhaps AIM and the other IM services and federate also. Then I can just rely on the ol' email address - none of this gmail crap or having an msn/aim account - everything will just work.

    That would be sweet.