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Doofuses on AIM

For some reason, for the past few weeks, I get several queries a day from what seem to be bots - except they're not, because they respond "intelligently." One is named "betcha20bucks" and they IM constantly asking "WHO IS THIS" and other stuff. From just now:

12:36:34PM betcha20bucks: HI 
12:36:58PM betcha20bucks: WHO IS THIS
12:37:56PM betcha20bucks: EEEEEEE 

Usually it's a simple "hey." I've blocked this person, but Adium's "block" communication may not work. I've just again blocked this person in iChat. Let's see if that works.

I almost never respond to the person, though sometimes they'll get an away message (automatically). By "respond intelligently" I mean that I'll say something and their response will be - while still retarded, misspelled, and ALL CAPS - related to what I said in a way that seems entirely too topical to be chosen from an Eliza clone.

Anyway, the moron has been blocked in iChat now. That seems to have worked.