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QotD: Spelling

Question: Do you consider yourself a good speller?

My Answer: You betcha. I may have an occasional typo here and there (in other words, there's no need to go back and try to find mispellings here on the ol' blog), but I typically know how to spell just about everything. I rarely hear a word I've never seen in print somewhere before.

Today at Little One's pre-school they had the word "Kindergarden" on the wall in big letters. Carey and I informed the office that they may want to change it… Misspelled words are a big pet peeve of mine, particularly when they're not something you can attribute to a typo.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Spelling"

  1. Not at all. I highly doubt I would even make it past the 3rd round in an elementary school spelling bee. The funny thing is that I use a lot of big words that I can't even come close to spelling. I blame computers. Because of spell check I very rarely pay attention to how things are spelled and don't worry if I spell them wrong. I also use the internet instead of a dictionary so I don't pay that much attention there either because if I type something into Google for a definition it will correct the spelling and suggest the right one.

  2. I would have to agree totally with Emily, I am a horrible speller. If it wasn't for Microsoft Word and spell check, I don't know where I'd be (at least in the spelling, blog world). I do re-read my stuff to make sure that I catch whatever was missed by MS Words spell check, but I thank MS to put this feature in Word. And I also feel that it makes me dumber, for depending on it so much. So I guess, thanks for that too.

    As I speak these words I have to put this whole comment, through MS word to see if I spelled anything wrong (This has gotten out of hand). I am kind of ashamed to admit this on your blog now that I think of it.


  3. Im a gud speler.

  4. Yes. One thing that really bothers me is seeing simple words misspelled by otherwise intelligent people. Almost 9 out of 10 times people misspell 'ridiculous' with an 'e'.

  5. No, I can't spell for crap but you could never tell when im talking... I have to look words up before I say somethings on the internet for fear of looking stupid and I'm usually right....

  6. How do you feel about poor Spelling on business and personal websites? We are curious to get some real feedback! Yeah, it's due to a business I am involved with, although this is a not a plug for it! We are genuinely curious as to how all of you react to poor spelling on sites you read.

    By the way, I read your site regularly, and yes, it is still in my list of feeds because (along with an interest in what you write about) you can spell and write a proper sentence.



    Feedback and flames to: dave at theconsultant dot net

    The site in question is spellwonder dot com

  7. I am fairly certain Microsoft's automatic spellchecker is itself responsible for the epidemic use of "loose" for the word "lose"; -- loose comes up as an alternate spelling FIRST alphabetically, and people idiotically or lazily accept the default suggestion.

  8. I think that I have a decent grasp on the way English words are spelled. I wasn't always good at spelling though. I used to have the toughest time with it when I was in grade school -- until I learned to count the number of letters in the word. Strangely, that helped trmendously and I still do it when I learn new words in English or in other languages.

    In my mind pretty much every somewhat difficult to spell word has at least one number associated with it. If I wonder how to spell it then I will recall the number and spell it accordingly.

    I have much better spelling when I type than I do anywhere else though. I think that if I was ever in a spelling bee again I would want a QWERTY keyboard in front of me even if it wasn't attached to anything.