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QotD: iTunes and iPod

Question: Do you feel that iPod sales drive use of the iTMS or that use of the iTMS drives iPod sales?

My Answer: It's probably a bit more of the latter, but in my case, neither drives the other. I haven't bought an iPod in close to two years (the Shuffle I picked up was more a matter of having a lightweight iPod for when I'm hitting golf balls at the dome in the winter). I don't use my iPod much at all except in the car, and I don't buy much on the iTMS. I use the iTMS occasionally to pick up a single or two, but I also buy albums. All of it ends up on the iPod or, at least, on the computer.

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One Response to "QotD: iTunes and iPod"

  1. Neither me nor any of my friends - to the best of my knowledge - buy music on iTMS. Too many limitations.