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PulpFiction 1.2.2 Available

pulp_fiction.jpgDespite the fact that it's no longer my company, I feel compelled to tell you that Freshly Squeezed Software has released (finally) the 1.2.2 update to PulpFiction. The 1.2.2 release fixes several things:

  • fixed incorrect folder counts
  • fixed the negative flagged counts
  • set the article list to be scrolled to the top of deleted items when deleting more than one article
  • set the article list to scroll to the center when using the space bar to navigate between articles
  • added "Default" to article labels, "None" now doesn't show a label if the subscription has one. Default sets the label to show the subscription label if pref to do so is set.
  • fixed parsing bug with < signs in article titles.
  • set the name of a smart folder to be the subscription's name when a single sub is dragged to the folder view
  • fixed the issue where articles didn't appear in a feed in the feed view if their subscription was deleted and then added back in
  • updated to the latest version of growl
  • growl will now prompt the user to install or upgrade on first use
  • added smart folder options for matching by folder, unread, or flagged

A few of those items included this fix, which should resolve 95% of the "weird crashing" customers were seeing.

A good number of the fixes above were in place when PulpFiction was sold to illumineX, but some of the tougher ones weren't. Now that the illumineX gang is comfortable with PulpFiction's source, I expect to see a fairly regular update schedule. 1.2.2, it's no secret, was a long time coming.

P.S. Don (of illumineX) is requesting features!

3 Responses to "PulpFiction 1.2.2 Available"

  1. Thanks for the word on the update. I think I mighta missed update instructions though. First check after the new one, and I got over a thousand headlines - repeats of stuff long ago. Oh well, everything repeats anyway. Oh well, everything repeats anyway.

  2. Yeah, there's a change to the way old articles are stored and deleted to fix an issue re: atom feeds and creating GUIDs for articles that don't have any. So the first time you load it up, new articles will come in from all over the place. But then they shouldn't show up again...

  3. Boy, I must've not been paying close attention - I had no idea you sold FSS.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the new version. I'll check it out soon.