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iDisk Lockups When Opening/Saving

For the past month or two, Mac OS X - or more particularly, certain applications - lock up for an incredibly long time when I open or save documents. Why? iDisk. As soon as I log off the AirPort network, the open/save dialog appears instantly.

The problem seems to lie mostly with Carbon applications, but it may simply be that my Carbon applications do most of the opening and saving (Entourage saves attachments, BBEdit opens and saves, Photoshop does both as well).

I have a local copy of my iDisk, but that doesn't seem to help much. As soon as I take the AirPort network offline, though, BAM! A dialog.

You'd think that by Mac OS X 10.4.2 they'd have this fixed already.

One Response to "iDisk Lockups When Opening/Saving"

  1. It actually got worse with 10.4. Also, since 10.4 I have been unable to drag a folder in my iDisk to the sidebar and have it stick between logins.