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QotD: Buckle Up

Question: Do you buckle your seat belt?

My Answer: Damn right I do, and I insist that anyone riding with me does as well.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Buckle Up"

  1. Yep, every time. Saved me serious injury at least twice. Some people however, take the New Hampshire state motto of Live Free or Die to its logical conclusion.

  2. Yeah, front and back. I guess it is easier to remember over here as it is a legal requirement and you will be fined if you are caught by the police.

  3. We even make the kids wear helmets. Okay, not really. But everyone is buckled in.

  4. I do most of the time.. It depends who i'm with...

  5. I always do... and I still can't understand how people might even think not to. (although, the depends on who your with has some merit).. but even then I would buckle up.

  6. I was an EMT in college, and saw plenty of people NOT wearing their seat belts in car accidents. Not pretty.

    I was sitting in class and another student noticed my pager on my belt. He explained to me that he could never get his wife to wear a seat belt, and asked me to talk to his wife.

    Being poor and hungry, I suggested that we all go to lunch (he paid), and I would casually bring it up in conversation.

    Needless to say, his wife couldn't finish her lunch when I was done (I ended up eating the rest of her lunch).

    The final (true) story that stopped her cold...I saw a women put her face thru a windshield. The glass cut into her face just below her nose, and sliced up her skull, leabing the nose and upper cheek hanging like a flap on her head.

    I saw my classmate a few times before I graduated, and I always asked how his wife was doing.

    She is still wearing HER seat belt.

    Needless to say, I ALWAYS wear a seatbelt and so do my kids.

  7. Once it is habit you don't notice if you have fastened.. you tend to notice if passengers have NOT.

    I only say that in wondering, trying to recall, prompted by this discussion, if....

    1) I was wearing my belts during the two minor collisions I have had.
    2) If these collisions may have reinforced my buckle up behavior in anyway.

    I think buckling up was already a fairly solid habit, as I recall.

    Anyone recall a collision CHANGING their attitude or habits?

  8. I buckle up. I feel like I'm going to fall out of my seat or something without it!