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Busy Busy Busy

Yes, the "busy-ness" has crept in. Acting as the (volunteer) assistant coach for the golf team has taken an inordinate amount of time from my day. They play 2-3 matches per week and have practice several of the other days. Matches start at four o'clock, and Carey gets home at 3:30 or so, meaning every minute I'm at a match I could be at home with my wife and kid. 🙁

Work is getting busy (a good thing), and I'm excited about that. But Carey and I have been so exhausted lately that we still haven't painted the bathroom - a project we scheduled six weeks ago. As soon as Carey takes the extra glue off, I'll paint while I'm home some day.

Off to the (maternal2) grandparents for lunch, and then back home by 3:30 or so.