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Nano Thought

Which iPod Nano - black or white - do you think Kanye West would buy? George Bush? 😀

3 Responses to "Nano Thought"

  1. Incidentally, uhhh, having Kanye West perform was probably a stupid move. The least the guy could have done was eliminate the ten or twelve "fucks" in the song he chose to sing. I don't know if the George Bush comments are in the original version of the song, but the guy needs to give it up.

    Nobody in the audience gave a rat's ass about seeing Kanye West. The Apple crowd ain't about rap - John Mayer, Alicia Keys… fine. But rap? C'mon. It looked like a cheap publicity ploy, having the "top artist," and one that may or may not have been intended to help Jobs push his anti-Republican views.

  2. Since when is having a number one act a cheap publicity ploy? Especially when you're trying to sell musical devices... C'mon?

    I am familiar with Jobs' politics, so that aside and in all objectiveness: a Kanye West appearance isn't necessarily an anti-Republican push - it's anti-Bush. An anti-Bush move does not have to mean anti-Republican.

  3. I'm anti-martians, where do i fit in?