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VW Licensed Now

The Touareg is now licensed. It's got my "IACAS" plates and Carey is awaiting her "IAEJB" plates for the Aztek. It was cheaper to transfer IACAS to the VW and order new plates for the Aztek than to order new plates for the VW and switch them when they arrived. Cheaper by about $80.

Sales tax on the Touareg has been paid as well. I've gotta get the car inspected in the next 10 days or so, but will be easy - it's brand new.

7 Responses to "VW Licensed Now"

  1. Shouldn't your plate be "IACAB" now?

  2. Cheaper, yes, but now the DMV has the wrong information. Just hope you don't get pulled over with the wrong plate on your vehicle.

  3. Uhm, no, Daniel. Wrong.

  4. With IAEJB (and IACAB, or IACSB, or IACASB, i suppose), it all starts to make a little more sense. And then kin dof creepy, all at the same time. Do you have any entries about when you started using the name and why?

  5. I still cant believe you're letting carey drive a yellow aztek! Im not trying to troll, but man, giving up a camry for an aztek... that is a hard sell! She must really love you 😛

  6. It's not yellow, and she happens to have always wanted an Aztek.

  7. Look Jaime!

    "she happens to have always wanted an Aztek."

    You seem to be more right-on than you had even thought. Carey truly does love this guy. 🙂